September 5, 2015

Ellis Family

A few weeks ago I posted that a fellow photographer and I were going to collaborate on a free event to give back to local police officers by providing them with a free family photo as well as a childrens photo. I was later contacted by Caleigh Ellis, (one of the most sweetest women I have ever met) who was not only interested in just the free event but interested in my work for her to have a family session.

I don’t think I was prepared to feel so blessed by just meeting their beautiful family! Caleigh and her husband Chuck were seriously the nicest people and easiest to get along with! Jameson and Jaxson loved showing off and just having fun while I did my job. They were so smiley and you can tell how much they feel loved and safe in their home!  As you will see further down they had the cutest and most friendly dogs! Loved having a chance to love on them! Not only is Chuck a Sheriff he is also in the military! Talk about someone I owe so much to! In life we get so caught up in working, hanging out with friends and getting down time to just enjoy life and we forget just how much our Police/Military families are sacrificing just so that we can have all of those things.

Our media lately has been so filled with anger and hate that I just literally haven’t been able to fathom the lack of respect and honor that people are showing to those in the line of fire. To me they are the prime definition of unconditional love. They have to treat us with respect even when we are breaking the law and most times (things you don’t see in the media) they are going out of their way to help those who have fallen to pick themselves up again. Every day that Chuck goes out as a Sheriff he is putting his life on the line. He isn’t always going to come into contact with just traffic stops (or even safe stops for that matter) but sometimes situations will put him in harms way and he will be honored to do so. WOW!!!! Talk about selfless. Honestly I am in awe that someone who doesn’t even know us is willing to step out on the line for me and my family to keep us safe.

It is about time WE HONOR AND RESPECT them! All I can say is Chuck and Caleigh, thank you so much for you sacrifice/service and for the long and late hours that you both put in to make sure the people in your areas feel protected and safe at all times. I know words will never do it justice but I am honored to have met and know you both. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough!

Please enjoy the images that I was able to capture of your sweet family! To see more visit me on Facebook 🙂

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