Welcome to this crazy thing called LIFE!! I am a mom to 4 incredibly sassy and fun kiddos and a wife to a wonderful and Godly man. My kids are the reason I started shooting love stories behind the camera. I mean what better way to start something then with it being with and of those whom you love? My kids are def those kids you see making their moms want to pull their hair out in public so photographing them was nothing short of difficult. They taught me patience and understanding. Ever since then, that feeling of crazy joy looking at my own families photographs that I wanted to start capturing these memories for others! Not just with their families but with their new spouses. 


my favorites

I find life so boring without love. A gift from God that every person should experience. Without it how do you exist? It doesnt have to always be in the sappy sense (your spouse or children) although yes those are the best forms of love it can be literally loving anything (CHOCOLATE). I have found my love in capturing all aspects of life whether that is from when you first start dating to later in life when you become grandparents. Gosh, that moment I see a bride for the first time and see just how happy she is, just so at peace or when the groom catches his first glimpse of his new bride and you can tell he is right where God placed him.

Or when a mom scoops up her children in her arms and you can see God's design and plan unfold. I am in love with those moments. This isnt just a hobby for me it is a passion. I want to serve my families and bride/grooms and give them peace and comfort in knowing that no matter how fast their days fly by that when they sit down and look through their prints or their albums months and years from now they will see everything that just seemed to slip by in the rush of things. To be able to live in THAT moment at any time of their lives. I cant wait to be inspired by your LOVE and your story!

Wife, Mother, Jesus Freak and lover of all things chocolate

Meet Morgan Kinzel

my favorites

• A family interacting without force.
• Babies real emotions.
• A simple but passionate look.
• A mom's loving glance at her new baby.
• Hand holding.
• Beautiful flowers on a wedding day.
• A closeup of an engagement ring.
• Absolute intense crazy dancing.
• Kids being kids.
• Mom's new formed belly while 
growing the most precious gift from
God inside her.




"Love is patient, love is kind. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres. LOVE NEVER FAILS."
-1 Corinthians 13:4.7-8
I find that if you live your life and career around this verse, each day and person you come in contact with will always feel at peace and will be better for it.

MY philosophy

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