September 16, 2015

How do I stay focused and creative when busy

Everyday I wake up with an energy to be creative. However as the day progresses and the stress of life gets put on us all, my creativity and definitely my focus starts to go out the window as I am sure most of you would agree. I have two little ones who are on polar opposite schedules and they both require so much energy. I love being with them but at the end of the day when it comes to having to work on photography related subjects I am zapped of both focus and creativity.

On my way to any photo shoot I spend a ton of time in prayer and singing. I am sure as people pass me while I am driving they think I am truly crazy. Literally I am singing my heart out and dancing to any song that has a beat to it. (kind of like a fight song 😉 )While that part is definitely humorous and comical to watch I am sure, prayer makes me focus on why I am out doing what it is I do. God’s creations (nature) help with what blank canvas I have, to master your beautiful images! When I pray I ask God to open my heart to see the parts of nature that would other wise be passed over! It isn’t easy to create unique images like pinterest would make us all believe. In any job we do what works and do it over and over again. However in photography you have to be more diverse. Clients are looking for their images to stand out and be unique. Reflecting in prayer to see the unseen and to have my eyes opened to what is most important is the biggest part of my ride to a photoshoot. God brings me back to the simpleness and non complex side of my job.  Not to let the pressure of succeeding trump what is most important. To just focus on YOU!

So what do I do to keep creative while editing your images? MUSIC!! Music speaks to me in ways that nothing else can. Ever since I was a little girl I love to SING!!! Not saying by any stretch that I am the greatest but I love singing. I am in no way a rapper either but in MY car I am!  hehe. I listen to anything that makes me feel an emotion or gives me a surge of energy. For example while I am editing weddings my favorite things to listen to are romantic songs or love songs. One of my favorites is John Legend – all of me!! Man oh man can that man make me so sappy! lol. I am able to look at wedding images from a loving perspective and to imagine those words and the feelings the bride and groom are having at those exact moments that the pictures were taken! I let it lead my editing. It helps me to stay creative and not edit because its what I have to do.

So while things can get busy in our everyday lives these are the two most important tools I use to stay focused and creative.

Heres a very embarrassing grouping of photos of me singing John Legend’s song! Hahah well no shame here. I love every bit of what makes me feel an emotion and then helps my creativity while woking! So here is to making more beautiful memories for all you out there who hire me! Laugh at these images and let it inspire you. Let them in any way it can to help you be you and make you step out and be creative and stay focused in this fast paced world! 2015-09-16_0001

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